Candid Aligners was the development of invisalign vs byte techniques in the early 2000s that made orthodontics take off in adults. Completely imperceptible from the outside, lingual rings have been attractive since the miniaturization of “brackets”, these elements glued to the internal face of the tooth, linked together by a metal arch that will exert the force allowing the teeth to move.

Development Of Candid Aligners

“Each device is made to measure by the specialized laboratories with which we work, on the basis of the impressions and guidelines that we send them, Society of Lingual Orthodontics (SFOL). "This method makes invisalign vs byte possible to exert a different force on each tooth, and therefore to carry out very precise work." Specialists ensure that the device very little bother the wearer.

The transparent gutter is a popular alternative. It consists of enclosing the teeth in a transparent plastic groove half a millimeter thick, like a sports mouthguard. Removable, it is fixed by means of rivets glued to the teeth. In this way, the practitioner ensures that the “aligner”, thermoformed to the patient's measurements,The orthodontist again works with an outside company, the market leader being the Californian Invisalign. During the first consultation, the practitioner takes an impression of the patient's jaw and sends it with annotations to the experts of Invisalign, who establish a complete treatment program of two years on average. The patient receives a different aligner every two weeks, each step bringing him closer to the desired alignment. The device must be worn 22 hours a day.

Methods Of Aligners

Aligners are not 100% imperceptible, they are removed during meals and do not solve all problems. The treatment, which requires unwavering diligence, would also take a little longer. Tongue rings can interfere with the tongue and slightly alter speech at first. As for the financial cost, the main obstacle put forward by the candidates, it is more or less the same: from 2,000 to 8,000 euros in total, depending on the complexity of the case.The motivation of patients is above all aesthetic. “Social pressure is increasing, especially for women, but there are also a lot of men. One of my patients, who is a sales representative, told me that his approach had been well received by his superiors, because it shows that he takes care of his appearance, ”explains Dr. Jean-Baptiste Kerbrat, a surgeon specializing in orthodontics. But we can also consult because we are embarrassed on a daily basis: the jaw cracks, the teeth collide, injure the gums, it is difficult to breathe through the nose .

Candid Aligners is not uncommon for orthodontics to require surgery beforehand, to widen a palate or advance a chin, and thus make the upper teeth coincide with those of the lower ones.

What if you straighten your teeth without going through the orthodontist box?

For several months, instagramers and influencers have been promoting a device presented as revolutionary: the dental aligner, or invisalign vs byte to put on your teeth to straighten it discreetly.Gutter treatments are not actually new and have been used for about ten years by orthodontists. "For my part, I have several hundred adults treated in my practice by gutters.

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